Solving problems for which there are no standard solutions


Envergex LLC is based on developing products and ideas which support the need for environmentally responsible energy generation and use. Our mission is to investigate problems for which there are no standard solutions.

Bringing innovative research opportunities and new products to the energy industry. We are creating products that address challenges related to effective energy utilization, carbon footprint reduction, and mitigating the environmental impact.

Commercial Partners

Envergex LLC takes pride in its approach to investigating problems for which there are no standard solutions. We have built partnerships in both industry and research institutions. We would like to continue to expand those partnerships and develop areas for collaboration. Please contact us for collaboration opportunities. 


Jet Attrition Unit
Cyclonic Attrition Unit
Density Separation Unit
Mercury Control
Advanced Materials – Carbon Materials &  ESORB-HGTM Sorbent
On site solids analysis methods
Ash Behavior and Deposition Short Course

Application of Our Research and Products

Solid Fuel Conversion

Coal and Biomass Combustion
Ash Behavior
NOx and SOx
Particulate Capture

Mercury Control

Coal-Fired Power
Cement Plants
Taconite Processing

Advanced Processes & Materials

Chemical Looping

Oxygen carrier Screening
Carrier Development
Process Design and Development

Water Desalination


Advanced Materials

Activated Carbon
Advanced Carbon products
Chemical Looping Carrier Development
Mercury Capture Sorbents

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