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Since 2006

The Envergex team has a wide range of experience in technology development and commercialization having advanced multiple concepts from the laboratory through commercial deployment. Examples include activated carbon production and sorbents/methods for mercury control in coal-fired and cement plants.

Our team consists of engineers and scientists with expertise in laboratory-scale testing, pilot plant construction and operation, computational modeling and field demonstrations.

Application of Our Research and Products

Solid Fuel Conversion

Coal and Biomass Combustion
Ash Behavior
NOx and SOx
Particulate Capture

Mercury Control

Coal-Fired Power
Cement Plants
Taconite Processing

Advanced Processes & Materials

Chemical Looping

Oxygen carrier Screening
Carrier Development
Process Design and Development
Combustion, Gasification
Hydrogen Generation and Storage

Water Desalination


Advanced Materials

Activated Carbon
Advanced Carbon products
Chemical Looping Carrier Development
Mercury Capture Sorbents

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